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We provide reliable connectivity wherever your travels take you in China. Backed by GIGAGO, we offer flexible prepaid China eSIM plans and 24/7 support to ensure seamless communication during your trip.
Our mission is to offer seamless connectivity for tourists visiting China by providing eSIM service across main regions to eliminate roaming charges and let you stay connected.

Why eSIM for China

Our China eSIM provides seamless connectivity and flexibility for various devices while traveling in the country.

Our secure eSIM keeps you connected

Anytime, Anywhere

We have a wide range of prepaid eSIMs that work not only in China but also other countries in Asia

No Extra Fees

With our China eSIM you get everything upfront with no hidden fees or roaming charges no matter where you travel.

Meet Our Visionaries

Our leadership team is key to our success. With decades of combined experience, strategic thinking and a shared vision, they drive our direction forward and foster innovation through their exemplary leadership.

Dong Nguyen

CEO / Founder

Chuan Nguyen

COO / Co-Founder

Ha Tran

Chief of Staff / Co-Founder

Cong Bui

Chief Technology Officer

Go Further With Our eSIM

Checkout the simple and budget friendly eSIM plans from chinaesim.com

China Thailand Vietnam Cambodia
No VPN required - Valid for 7/10/15/30 days
China Thailand Vietnam
No VPN required - Valid for 7/10/15/30 days
China Vietnam
No VPN required - Valid for 7/10/15/30 days
Greater China
With VPN - Valid for 5/7/10/15/30 days
China Hong Kong
No VPN required - Valid for 5/7/10/15/30 days
China eSIM 30 days with VPN
With VPN - Valid for 30 days
China eSIM 15 days - No VPN required
No VPN required - Valid for 15 days
China eSIM 10 days - No VPN required
No VPN required - Valid for 10 days

Our customers loved their trip to China

thanks to our service

Works better than I expected. The installation guide is easy to understand. I managed to install the China eSIM, although I am an old man over 60 years old.



What a good connection. In most cases is the 4g-connection better then the WiFi of hotels.
When you have a problem, the helpdesk will help you very fast.



Easy to book, fair prices, could do everything online before departure. eSIM worked perfectly between China and Hong Kong. No trouble or problems at all.

Jonas j krull


Great e-SIM experience. Really thorough installation directions and great responsive support when needed. I had more than enough data for my trip in China and had a good experience with China eSIM.

Reecy K

South Africa

Cheapest in the market for data usage. Excellent responsive customer service via WhatsApp. eSIM worked well in China, Thailand, also Vietnam. Will use again on my next trip.

Cindy l

United Kingdom

Bought the eSIM prepaid plan with China eSIM. Great coverage. Easy to set up. Occasionally had to switch on and off again, however only a few times, and got better over time.

simon Smith


Great experience as everything was done online and the signal was very good all over the places we visited in mainland China.
It helps a lot with detailed installation guide and the customer support.



Easy to book, easy to use, no VPN required! Would definitely recommend it! The process to get it used is regarding to buy a SIM card abroad much more uncomplicated!
Would use it again in different countries!



The SIM deal was good value, the eSIM added easily to my phone, a process I has not done before. The service activated as instructed with a text message. The coverage has been good, I would definitely use this again.

Graham Swan

United Kingdom

My first time E-sim I could not done by myself and I send message by WhatsApp and the staff was very very kindly teach me how with photo and tell me how explain with photo, too.
This e-sim is very cheap and staff is super kind!
I am a big fun!



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